The best webmail for small businesses.

Webmail hosting for businesses with more than three email addresses.

Higgens Media is introducing Higgens Mail - a service dedicated to providing businesses with email accounts. You may have been looking at Google and Microsoft's email offerings for businesses. At $5/user, it sounds like a great deal - until you want to set up multiple email addresses. Higgens Mail charges a flat fee of $20/month - with the ability to add email addresses at any time, complete with email forwarded, auto-responders, and you can access it using your favorite email software, from Microsoft Outlook to your iPhone and Android device.

If you have three email addresses or less, Higgens Mail may not be the right solution - but as soon as you hit your fourth user, Higgens Mail will save you 25%.

Unlike Microsoft and Google, Higgens Mail doesn't charge you per user - you can use your own domain name and you can add as many emails as you want.

Example of Yearly Savings

# of Users Microsoft or Google HiggensMail Savings
3 $180/yr $180/yr Same Cost
4 $240/yr $180/yr Save $60 (25% )
5 $300/yr $180/yr Save $120 (60%)
10 $600/yr $180/yr Save $420 (70%)
15 $900/yr $180/yr Save $720 (80%)
20 $1,200/yr $180/yr Save $1,020 (85%)
50 $3,000/yr $180/yr Save $2,820 (94%)
100 $6,000/yr $180/yr Save $5,825 (97%)

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